PS5 Controller

Another patent has been filed by Sony which could potentially hint at new features coming our way as part of the next-generation, this time around focused on the PlayStation 5's controller. Biofeedback could be used to modify game experiences through sensors that would track your heart rate and sweat secretion.

Reported by Respawn First, sensors found within the two grips of the controller could adjust a user's experience based on how quickly their heart is beating and how much sweat their hands are producing at any one time. Presumably, this would lead to a game's difficulty being lowered should the player allow for it. As Video Games Chronicle mentions, this is at least the third time such a feature has been referred to in Sony patents.

Of course, this is by no means confirmation that such a feature will ship with the PS5, but it does line up with a string of previous patents which suggest that Sony is developing its own onboard AI system to help players out when needed. PlayStation Assist is a patented smartphone app which could provide users with hints and tips for the game they're currently playing, and this controller patent could potentially link in with that. If the system does detect that you're finding a certain section a little bit too difficult, it could make things slightly easier for you on the fly. We assume you'd have to opt-in for that to happen, of course.

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