Temtem PS4

Temtem has taken the world by storm over the past month or so, launching an impressive beta on PC ahead of its 1.0 launch next year. It's Pokémon in almost every single way and it's targetting a release on consoles in the spring of 2021.

Revealed as part of the title's new roadmap, developer Crema Games doesn't specify which consoles it plans to launch the game on, but we have to assume that a PlayStation platform will be at least one of them. Of course, should Temtem be a PlayStation 4 game then it'll still be playable on Sony's next-gen PlayStation 5, although we have to say that we'd much rather dabble with a version that takes advantage of the extra power. The roadmap also notes that a new endgame island, daily and weekly quests, a battle replay system, and a cosmetic store will be added to the title upon its 1.0 release. Following that will be even more new features in the summer of next year.

Have you given Temtem a go on PC and enjoyed what you played? Or, are you waiting for the console port? Try to not call it Pokémon in the comments below.

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