Platinum Games Teaser

Today could be a big day for Japanese developer Platinum Games. The heavily rumoured PlayStation 4 port of The Wonderful 101 is supposedly set to be unveiled shortly via Kickstarter and now the studio has just opened up an all-new teaser site. Simply named "Platinum4", theories as to what this could be are all over the place.

Head to the site itself and you'll be greeted by a glitchy, flickering, spinning number four. That's all we have to go on right now, but what could the page actually be teasing? Some fans think Platinum Games is set to reveal four brand new projects in a reference to the famous Capcom Five while others reckon this is related to the team's new publishing efforts. The glitchy nature of the website alongside its grey colour palette could even tease something to do with NieR.

The developer always has so many games in production that it becomes hard to keep up at times, but we're not going to say no to four more game announcements this fine Monday morning. What do you think this is? A new NieR game? Get glitchy in the comments below.