A lot of the space ship designs in No Man's Sky are very cool, but have you ever wished you could ride around inside a flying alien instead? Just us? Okay.

Well, that's what you get anyway in the Living Ships update, available now on PlayStation 4. As the name suggests, the big new feature this time around is the inclusion of organic starships. These lifeforms act like your regular ships, but have their own unique characteristics depending on what you nurture as you take the creature from egg to full-grown. You can see some variants of this unusual update in the above trailer.

Also seen in the new video are some new in-space events and objects. Over on the PlayStation Blog, Sean Murray doesn't go into too much detail on these, but says they will add "more variety and unique experiences to space travel", which sounds good to us. Again, the patch -- version 2.30 -- is ready to download now, and weighs in at a pretty hefty 11GB.

You can read up on all the patch notes on the game's official site. What do you think of No Man's Sky's Living Ships update? Take off in the comments below.

[source nomanssky.com, via blog.eu.playstation.com]