Yes, of course we'll play an Overcooked-style co-op game about moving house. Moving Out is exactly that, and publisher Team 17 has just announced the game will settle into its new home on PlayStation 4 on 28th April, 2020.

As you can see in the new trailer above, it's a silly co-op title for up to four players, and it's all about emptying houses of their furniture and throwing it all in a truck. That seems to be about it, but we bet developer SMG Studio will have found all kinds of fun ways to keep that premise engaging across its 50+ levels. The potential for madcap multiplayer is clearly there, so all that remains now is to test it out.

Fortunately, the wait isn't too long before we can get our hands on this one. What do you think if Moving Out? Will you be pivoting with your pals in April? Lift with your legs in the comments below.