Moving Out successfully gamifies the otherwise highly stressful process of relocating. As employees of a somewhat questionable removal company, you and up to three other local players are tasked with shifting all the marked goods out of each building and into your truck as fast as possible. It's daft, easygoing fun.

Levels start simple and gradually become more complex; fragile items, bodies of water, switches, and even ghosts are introduced to make your job that little bit harder. The game can get repetitive, but when it introduces new ideas, it definitely spices up the process of picking things up and putting them somewhere else. Playing with others, you can lift large, heavy objects and lob them around, but it takes some coordination. Indeed, this is another game in the vein of Overcooked in which cooperation is key, and you may find yourself barking orders to each other on the sofa. Moving Out doesn't require the same level of co-op as the cooking caper, but it hits many of the same notes, and can be just as enjoyable.

While the accessible controls and cute presentation are inviting to all types of players, the action itself can get a little fiddly. It's very easy to get stuck in doorways carrying a bed, for instance, or have objects fall into awkward positions amid the chaos. It's not too big an issue but it does frustrate when you waste precious seconds getting snagged on walls. For moving experts, there are optional objectives and gold times to aim for. Completing the extra tasks rewards you with coins that unlock even trickier challenges in an arcade, extending the life of quite a short game. It doesn't quite hit the same heights as its peers, but it's hard to deny its simple pleasures.