Sure, why not? We’ve had Car Mechanic Simulator and Prison Architect on the PlayStation 4 already, so may as well add a home renovation game to the library. House Flipper finds you cleaning up crusty old buildings, sweeping away the cobwebs and embracing your inner-feng shui before making them available to prospective new buyers.

Launching on 26th February, you can furnish the buildings however you feel fit. A minimalistic look, with stripped back decorations and smart storage solutions may suit a city centre apartment. Or perhaps you’d prefer to go more stately for a large standalone detached. Whichever direction you adopt, you’ll need to stay within budget to turn a tidy profit.

You can watch a trailer embedded above, in which publisher PlayWay pads out the title’s critical acclaim with quotes from the team behind the console conversion. As embarrassing as that is, the title looks fun if you’ve got an acquired taste like this author. Will you be renovating homes this month? Go wallpaper shopping in the comments section below.