Mafia III PS4

It feels like we've known about developer Hangar 13's next Mafia entry being in development for years now. What started off as a strong set of rumours and speculation was given weight by a new set of trademarks hinting at another instalment would be on its way, but now it appears the studio is gearing up for a reveal in the near future.

As part of 2K's latest earnings report, the publisher stated that the company will go public with two of its upcoming projects. Those being Hangar 13's next game and another title from 2K Silicon Valley, lead by Dead Space director Michael Condrey. Announcements of the two games are said to arrive over "the coming months", according to Twitter's Shinobi602.

Due to the timing of these two reveals, we have to assume that they're both PlayStation 5 games. A PlayStation Meeting reveal perhaps, if that ever takes place? Potentially. Are you interested in playing a fourth Mafia entry? Have a smoke in the comments below.