Overpass is a game we haven't seen much of since its announcement last year, but it's not looking too shabby these days. To catch you up, it's an off-road racing game that's all about buggies clambering over extreme terrain, and competing for the best times. It's just received a new overview trailer from publisher Bigben Interactive, which you can watch above.

In it, the developer's head of production Joakim Eriksson talks us through a basic hillclimb stage. It looks as though you'll need to really pay attention to where you're going; getting over all those craggy rocks and muddy slopes will mean watching your throttle, engaging differential lock at key points, and finding the smoothest route possible.

It's pretty different to most racing games out there. While Spintires: Mudrunner is all about hauling logs around, Overpass' competitive edge could make for a surprisingly fun excursion when it arrives at the end of February.

What do you think of Overpass? Watch your footing in the comments below.