There aren't too many driving games on PlayStation 4 that concern themselves with real off-roading. Sure, there are plenty of rally games, but if you want to really get into the thick of it, your options are slim. Enter Overpass, a new off-road sim from Bigben Interactive that looks like it'll really put you through your paces.

Driving buggies and quads, it's up to players to surmount some super-tough terrain to achieve the best times. Clambering over jagged rocks and through thick mud, you'll need to drive carefully to avoid getting stuck. The simulation nature of the game means you must pay attention to gears, acceleration, and differential locking to stand a chance.

You can get an idea of what to expect from the above trailer. The game will feature a campaign mode, in which you must earn sponsors by completing the challenging courses, but you can also compete for the best times in multiplayer. It arrives October 2019 on PS4. What do you think of Overpass? Don't be a stick in the mud in the comments below.