Atomic Heart has been missing in action for months and months, but this week it's cropped up not once, but twice. A couple of days ago, a video preview of the alternate Soviet Russia action game was discovered, featuring glimpses of new gameplay footage. Now, IGN has brought us a brand new teaser trailer, and it's absolutely worth a quick watch.

What's so intriguing about this game is the twisted and sinister world it presents. As you can see in this brief video, it's chock full of creepy white robots, bizarre contraptions, and otherworldly sci-fi. Just look at that giant mechanical worm flying through the sky, or those big blobs of... floating water, maybe? Atomic Heart looks utterly mad, and we really can't wait to explore its unsettling world.

There's still no date attached to this project, but hopefully it arrives sooner rather than later. What do you think of Atomic Heart? Smack some robots in the comments below.

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