Yakuza 7 Like a Dragon Sales Japan

When last week's Japanese sales charts arrived, it was looking like Yakuza: Like a Dragon had been a bit of a flop. It didn't do terribly, but it also didn't appear to spark a resurgence for the series in its homeland. However, according to SEGA's Toshihiro Nagoshi -- who oversees the Yakuza franchise -- the latest instalment actually sold very well through the PlayStation Store. So well, in fact, that it almost doubles the game's numbers.

The aforementioned Japanese charts had Yakuza: Like a Dragon down for 157,000 copies, and Nagoshi says that the title has hit 300,000 units overall. This suggests that an additional 140,000 copies or so were sold digitally, making for a much more respectable result.

As ever, though, we're just waiting for that Western release date. It'll be interesting to see how well Like a Dragon performs outside of Japan, especially now that the Yakuza series is growing in popularity here in the West.

[source gamestalk.net, via gematsu.com]