WWE 2K20
Image: WWE

Update: The fun is over guys -- a patch has been issued to WWE 2K20 which addresses the problem that the game was quite literally unplayable for the first day of 2020. The 2K Support Twitter page has issued a statement that asks players to restart the game and download a patch which fixes the issue. We guess the 10 or so people who legitimately want to play WWE 2K20 are happy once more?

Original story: Folks, we've come across some wild and bizarre glitches in our time, but this latest one from the infamous WWE 2K20 might take the cake. After launching in a hilariously broken fashion, the wrestling simulator now refuses to boot any of its modes since the turn of the new year. Yes, WWE 2K20 is unplayable because we've reached the year 2020.

We can't quite believe it ourselves or how something like this even happens in the first place, but there is evidence out there to back up this ludicrous claim. The YouTube video above demonstrates the issue, although be aware of some choice language, while various Reddit threads are searching for fixes. Players can reach the game's main menu, but attempting to advance beyond any of those initial screens results in a complete crash of the title on PlayStation 4.

It is said that you can circumvent the problem by setting the date on your console back by a day, which proves that the game is having issues simply running itself properly when it detects that the world has entered the new decade. How on earth did this happen? We have no idea ourselves, but we're sure developer Visual Concepts will come along somewhat promptly with an emergency fix for the flaw. In the meantime, it's pretty funny at least.

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