Untitled Goose Game PS4 PlayStation 4 1

In an age of oversaturation in the digital marketplace, indie titles really have to standout to find success these days. Untitled Goose Game – with its genius Hitman-inspired premise – managed to do just that, putting you in the webbed feet of a particularly feisty fowl. And following a brief period of console exclusivity on the Nintendo Switch, the title’s recent PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release has pushed it beyond one million units.

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It’s not a shock considering the sheer amount of publicity the game has received; there’s even been fanart featuring famous PlayStation brands. We liked the House House outing in our review, but did feel that it wore out its welcome eventually. “Generally, the game is a lighthearted blast,” reviewer Stephen Tailby explained. “Causing trouble as a goose is devilishly fun, even if the novelty may wear off once you've seen and done everything.”

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