Untitled Goose Game has finally migrated to PlayStation 4, and it's every bit as wonderful as you've heard. You play as the titular antagonistic avian with the sole intent of causing as much misery as possible. The residents of the small English village are going about their day, and it's your job to stick your beak where it's not wanted.

The charm of this game largely comes from the interplay between the goose and her victims. Throughout the short runtime, you'll see lots of hilarious scenes play out as you steal things, pull pranks, and generally make a nuisance of yourself. You're free to poke around as you see fit, exploring the limits of each area. They're all rife with interactive objects and fun scenarios, and it's a constant joy to see the results of your mischief.

It plays out, in some cases, like a very simple stealth game. You're often in places a goose shouldn't be, and you'll be chased down when spotted. If you're trying to accomplish something specific -- like one of the many to-do list items -- this can be frustrating. There are usually ways of getting around people, but the game does leave you guessing most of the time. Movement controls are okay but take some getting used to; you'll sometimes get caught on objects while trying to run away.

Generally, though, the game is a lighthearted blast. Causing trouble as a goose is devilishly fun, even if the novelty may wear off once you've seen and done everything. It's so uniquely endearing, though, that it'll live surprisingly long in the memory. Enjoyable at any age or ability, Untitled Goose Game is worth a gander.