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We’re listing the ten best Soundtracks of the Decade. These are the ten PlayStation scores released over the past decade that we believe left the biggest impression on our sonic palettes. Whether it’s Journey's Grammy nominated masterpiece or Destiny’s 8 movement symphony, these are the soundtracks that hit the best notes across the last ten incredible years of gaming. Head here to see the complete series.

Lots of great game music is laser focused on elevating what’s going on in the game you play. Usually it’s in service to hammering home a specific emotion. But what happens if the feeling you want to convey is “style”? Well, Persona 5 might know a thing or two about that. From the menus to the character design to the music, every facet of Persona 5 is just dripping with its own distinctive style balancing practicality with delightful panache.

A game as vibrant and over the top as Persona 5 needs a fitting soundtrack, so who better than someone who worked on practically every Persona game there is: Shoji Meguro. Meguro may have outdone himself this time, though, as from the first note of the opening animation to the game’s conclusion, the music sneaks its way into your head and will not leave no matter what. We haven’t picked up Persona 5 in quite some time, but we can still hum quite a few of the tunes to this day. Plus, the theme from the Velvet Room of course makes a triumphant return.

Where some games remain iconic for their main theme, and a smattering of melodies here and there, there’s almost not a single track in Persona 5 that’s not recognisable. The true breadth of memorable tracks and the roles they serve in-game are actually quite impressive. Even the music that functions as background noise has enough flair to it that you come away noticing it. What’s more, the flashiness of the music, much like other areas of the game, manages not to overstep. It’s one thing to be stylish and draw attention away from other areas, but the music walks a fine line. It works in harmony with the core elements of the experience rather than detracting from them. It’s the kind of music that immediately catches the ear of any Persona fans in the vicinity when it’s on. Those heads perk right up once the connection is made. It takes something truly special to pull that off.

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