Remote Play PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Sony’s doing some research into PlayStation 4’s popular Remote Play feature, potentially teasing some tantalising new ways to play. As part of a survey shared on Reddit, the manufacturer asks whether respondents would be interested in streaming their games to other devices like the Nintendo Switch or Apple TV. It also asks whether users would be enticed by an offline version of Remote Play, though it doesn’t elaborate on how this would actually work.

Elsewhere in the questionnaire, the platform holder posits the possibility of playing previous generation games such as PSone and PS2 via Remote Play. There are also references to minor quality of life improvements, such as the removal of unused controls on touchscreens to free up display space.

But perhaps most interesting of all is reference to a smaller, portable “on-the-go” DualShock, which would include a screen and allow you to play your games in a more convenient, Wii U-esque format. They’re all interesting ideas, and while they’re unlikely to all be in active production, it’s fascinating to learn a little more about where the Japanese giant’s mindset is at. How do you think Remote Play could be improved? Play anywhere in the comments section below.