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Here’s a rumour that won’t go away: PlayStation 5 will run games from all four previous PlayStation platforms. It’s not the first time we’ve heard something like this, but the rumour has been revived by notorious social media influencer HipHopGamer. According to the American host, who claims to have corroborated the story with his “sources”, the next-gen system will feature a “remastering engine”, which he likens to an emulator on PC. Effectively, he proposes a scenario where you’ll be able to pop in a PSone disc and fiddle with its resolution, among other settings.

While it does sound a lot like wishful thinking, there has been other evidence to support the rumour. Waypoint journalist Patrick Klepek previously said that the system is “not just about the future, but also about the past”. There have also been various patents that PlayStation has registered over the years relating to wild backwards compatibility concepts, such as the ability to inject Trophies into old code.

Honestly, we still feel that this is unlikely. There’s very little financial incentive for Sony to support, say, PSone software – unless it were able to flog those titles on the PlayStation Store, too. This would involve renegotiating decades-old licenses, though, and given that it didn’t have the willpower to properly support its PS2 Classics initiative on the PS4, we’d argue the ship has sailed. You never know, though: this would be a huge hit among hardcore communities, and it’s the kind of selling point that can’t be contested, as few brands have the back catalogue that PlayStation commands.