You know something's popular when you can buy a LEGO version. While Untitled Goose Game hasn't quite reached the same heights as Harry Potter, Batman, or any other major licence you care to think of, a LEGO set of the viral indie hit is actually closer than you might think.

Over on the LEGO Ideas website, people can submit their designs for new sets of plastic bricks. One fan of the honk-heavy game from House House put forward a simple but instantly recognisable design based on the title's first stage. Designs submitted on this site need 10,000 supporters before LEGO will consider putting the set into production. This Untitled Goose Game set has smashed that milestone within a couple of weeks.

It means that we could very well see that devilish goose in LEGO form on toy shop shelves in the future. It's not guaranteed, but that the design has gotten this far is testament to the game's popularity. We certainly hope to see this happen -- how can you not love that miniature recreation of the garden?

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