Wargroove PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Wargroove’s late PlayStation 4 release felt like an anti-climax last year, and now it looks like Sony fans will be once again be forced to wait for the strategy title’s upcoming expansion pack. A post on the title’s official website reveals that add-on Double Trouble will deploy on 6th February for various formats, while the PS4 date will be “revealed soon”.

It’s perfectly possible that publisher Chucklefish may have hit a few snags with the PlayStation SKU and is waiting until they’re cleaned up before confirming a date. In that case, there’s a possibility it may still hit the same 6th February date as all of the other systems. However, there’s also a chance that it could end up arriving late like the main game.

Last year, it seems the indie studio was having issues with Sony’s inconsistent cross-console policy, which halted the release of the game’s PS4 build. Those issues have since been cleaned up, though, so it’s unclear what the hold up is here. Let’s hope for a swift resolution, as the complimentary DLC pack sounds pretty beefy – you can read more about it through here.

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