Wargroove PS4 PlayStation 4

Wargroove developer and publisher Chucklefish has finally broken the silence on the status of the PlayStation 4 version. The PS4 port has been in the works months after the game released on other platforms, but it seems the wait is finally almost over.

After briefly commenting on the PS4 edition last week, the company has now published an official statement on its website. According to Chucklefish, it's now in "the final stages of CERT", meaning the port is with Sony so it can test the final build and provide a seal of approval. Once this process is over (and assuming all goes well), we should hear news of a release date -- and it seems this won't take long.

As for why the PS4 version has been taking longer than others, Chucklefish says there were "a number of reasons", some of which it's unable to divulge. It has said it ran into technical issues with regards to how multiplayer and content sharing works on Sony's platform.

Speaking of multiplayer, there's the question of whether Wargroove on PS4 will support cross-play, as the game does on other platforms. The answer, sadly, is no -- you won't be able to play online matches with players on PC, Xbox One, or Switch. However, user-generated maps can be shared and downloaded between all platforms.

Hopefully we'll hear of Wargroove's PS4 release date in the coming weeks. Are you looking forward to playing this turn-based strategy title on Sony's machine? Get tactical in the comments below.

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