The Simpsons Hit and Run Sequel PS2 PlayStation 2

The Simpsons hasn't had too many great video games in its long history, but Hit and Run is arguably the best. The GTA-like adventure with open world areas was packed to the rafters with familiar characters, jokes, and references to the show. You could play as Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Apu, while accepting missions and side activities from the sitcom's huge cast. Okay, so the game wasn't perfect, but for fans at the time, it hit the nail on the head.

The formula fit so well with The Simpsons that we sometimes wonder why no attempt was made at a follow-up. As it turns out, a sequel actually was in development at one time. That's according to Joe McGinn, speaking in an interview with GAME Media.

McGinn was senior designer on Hit and Run, and he describes where the team got to with the cancelled sequel. "We had some very early gameplay prototypes," he recalls. "I remember our physics guru ā€“ Greg Mayer ā€“ got connected vehicles working, so you could have a trailer being pulled behind a car with some fun results."

Unfortunately, the game was being built when the licence for making The Simpsons games switched hands. McGinn says the studio "never got very far before EA won the right to the Simpsons movie game", and they simply had to "move on".

It sounds like the sequel will sadly never see the light of day. Meanwhile, Hit and Run producer Vlad Ceraldi expressed interest in a PlayStation 4 remaster not too long ago. This doesn't seem all that likely either, but you never know.

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