Spider-Man PS4

We're most likely never going to find out the reasoning behind Shawn Layden's departure from Sony last year, but at least we can rest easy in the knowledge that the two parties parted ways on good terms. The former chairman of PlayStation Worldwide Studios has consistently tweeted about Sony's efforts since his surprise exit, sharing one more positive memory overnight in the process.

Layden considers Sony's acquisition of Marvel's Spider-Man developer Insomniac Games one of the greatest achievements he was associated with at PlayStation. "Seems a lifetime ago. Yet one of the greatest achievements I was fortunate to associate myself with at PlayStation. So good, so right."

The man then goes on to share that the piece of expensive-looking memorabilia in the tweet is referred to as a "tombstone" in the video game industry -- a comedic jab at fan discourse whenever a studio is bought up perhaps? Nevertheless, let's hope Jim Ryan and co come to own a couple of these busts during their tenour at PlayStation. Remedy, anyone? Bluepoint Games? Housemarque? We'll have to wait and see.

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