The Witcher 3 Sales UK Netflix

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is currently enjoying an impressive revival off the back of the recent Netflix series. The highly rated role-playing title is almost five years old at this point, but age doesn't matter when people are going gaga for Geralt.

Indeed, the latest UK sales charts give us a glimpse into just how popular the property is right now. As GamesIndustry reports, The Witcher 3 sales continue to rise. The game re-entered the charts two weeks ago at number 38. Last week, it jumped to number 20. This week? Number 12. If this trend continues, it could actually end up breaking into the top 10, which is crazy.

All eyes are on next week's charts, then. Do you think Geralt and the gang can get the job done? Consider playing through The Witcher 3 for the eighth time in the comments section below.

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