Splinter Cell Ghost Recon Wildlands PS4 PlayStation 4

The idea of a modern Splinter Cell game has been flying around for what feels like an eternity. The series has been MIA since Blacklist on PlayStation 3, and that released nearly seven years ago. Aside from a surprising cameo appearance in Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Sam Fisher has been out of action for the whole PS4 generation, but publisher Ubisoft has hinted once or twice that the Tom Clancy stealth title could be coming back.

Our latest clue comes courtesy of VGC which reports that a key mind behind the franchise is now back at Ubisoft. Maxime Beland used to be creative director on the series (specifically the last two titles), but left the publisher in 2019 to pursue a role at Epic Games. Now, he will be acting as vice president on the newly formed editorial team within Ubisoft.

This new hire doesn't necessarily mean a new Splinter Cell is a certainty, but his experience with the series is notable. Beland is now in a pretty high position within the company, and with Ubisoft seemingly making an effort to diversify its output, a new stealthy adventure with Sam Fisher doesn't seem too far-fetched.

[source videogameschronicle.com]