Mass Effect PS4

We want it. You want it. Electronic Arts knows the world wants it. A remaster of the Mass Effect trilogy might be the most in-demand project the publisher has ever had at its fingertips, and it feels like now or never for the return of Commander Shepherd. So, we've got four chances at this thing between now and the end of March 2021 as EA has just announced that it has four major games planned for launch during that time frame as part of its latest earnings call.

At this point, we truly hope the remasters come to PlayStation 5 rather than Sony's current-gen console, but what could the four titles in question realistically be? We know that Battlefield is being saved for the end of next year while Star Wars Battlefront 2 still seems to be the focus when it comes to the publisher's efforts in a galaxy far, far away. It's worth mentioning that the total doesn't include sports games, so what does that actually leave us with? A new Need for Speed? That seems unlikely after Need for Speed Heat's release just a few months ago. Another ANTHEM? Now that's a good joke.

We don't want to tempt fate here, but when you look at the grander picture, a Mass Effect Trilogy remaster might not be so out of the question. EA is clearly letting some of its biggest franchises take a back seat as we head into the next generation of consoles, so if it wants to earn some goodwill back, the return of one of Bioware's greatest franchises is something we'd certainly appreciate. After all, the publisher has already stated that it has "exciting remasters of fan favourites" in the works. We don't know about you, but it looks like the stars could be aligning.