Kingdom Hearts Mobile

Project Xehanort is the next spin-off game in the Kingdom Hearts franchise and you won't be able to play it on either your PlayStation 4 or even the upcoming PlayStation 5. After revealing yesterday that it has multiple projects in the works, Square Enix has pretty much killed off all hype by announcing that the Kingdom Hearts game "coming surprisingly soon" is for the device normally housed in your jean pocket. That's correct, Sora's next adventure is headed to mobile platforms.

"Why did he become the seeker of darkness?" is the tagline for this project -- scheduled for launch in Spring 2020. The game's official website gets out in front of it all by immediately confirming the game will have in-app purchases and even asks fans to guess what the name of the title is. A bit of a bizarre campaign indeed, and Square Enix doesn't even reveal what the prize is if your guess is correct.

We weren't exactly expecting Kingdom Hearts IV to suddenly drop out of thin air with a release date just a few months away, but we did at least hope it would be an experience headed to PlayStation platforms. It looks like we'll have to look to the other three teams at Square Enix for that.