Kingdom Hearts

If you thought last year's Kingdom Hearts III and tomorrow's Re Mind DLC would put a stop to all things Kingdom Hearts then boy do you need to reconsider things. This train is set to keep on trucking as director Tetsuya Nomura has now confirmed that multiple new entries in the franchise are now in development.

The legendary creator hasn't revealed whether they'll be numbered instalments or further spin-offs, but we can expect one of those projects to arrive sooner than you might be expecting. To celebrate tomorrow's Kingdom Hearts III expansion, Nomura answered various questions -- explaining what to expect in the future and where his development teams are at. It is stated that Square Enix has two new teams in operation as well as its mobile department and the team which just wrapped up work on Kingdom Hearts III, making for four separate studios putting out games in the future.

More important, however, is the fact that one of those new teams will be releasing a game "surprisingly soon". Due to the nature of the series, we can't say for sure whether it'll launch on PlayStation hardware or not, but there's certainly a good chance of it happening. A new Kingdom Hearts game arriving in the first year of the PlayStation 5's life span would suit us nicely.

Are you looking forward to even more Kingdom Hearts? Are you buying the Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind DLC tomorrow? Believe in your hearts in the comments below.