Stranded Deep has been in early access on PC for years and years. It's a game about being marooned on an island with nothing but the sea in all directions, and it's up to you to gather materials in order to survive. If it sounds at all familiar, that's because a PlayStation 4 port was announced back in 2018 before things went quiet.

Now, it seems developer Beam Team Games is making its way out of troubled waters. Stranded Deep has been re-announced for PS4 with a new trailer, embedded above. There's no release date as yet; the game is simply labelled as "coming soon" in the video. Over on Twitter, the studio hopes to finally bring the game out on consoles at "the end of March", but this isn't set in stone.

Are you excited to learn that Stranded Deep is finally making its way to PS4? Watch out for sharks in the comments below.

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