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  • News PS Store Is Selling Two PS4 Games for Less Than 20p Each

    Bargain bin

    Update (19th January): They're not quite under 20p, but it's also worth pointing out that Reus is £0.54 and Real Farm is £0.24. Original Article: There are bargains, and then there are the two deals we've just come across on the EU PlayStation Store. Right now, you can add two PlayStation 4 games to your library for a combined price...

  • News Futuristic PS5 Fan Design Is so Stylish


    Who wouldn’t want to make this a part of their setup come the end of 2020? Another enthusiastic PlayStation 5 fan has shared their interpretation of the next-generation console following one more series of fake leaks, and it’s a design with a real look to the future. As you can see in the images below, from Twitter user @FalconDesign3D,...

  • News NHS Wants Devs to Think of the Children as Loot Boxes Prep Kids for Gambling Addiction

    Never-ending story

    The loot box back-and-forth rumbles on, with British health organisation NHS urging game developers to think more carefully about so-called “surprise mechanics” which could lead children into gambling addictions. A strongly worded statement from mental health director Claire Murdoch called for a crackdown on loot boxes in...

  • Deal Start Reading The Witcher Novels with The Last Wish at a Low Price

    Here we go, Yen

    Well, you can’t say Amazon doesn’t have its head screwed on. The juggernaut retailer has reduced the price of the first The Witcher novel to just £3.00 in the UK, making it an impulse purchase for those looking to get into author Andrzej Sapkowski's fantasy fiction. <products id="11646" style="list"> The Last Wish is a...

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  • News Is Rockstar Readying a PS5 Game Reveal?

    And what could it be?

    Rockstar could be getting ready to reveal a PlayStation 5 game, as a new job listing on the label’s website indicates that it’s searching for a video editor who can “communicate emotional content and excitement of a game within a 60-second format”. While this is not necessarily indicative of an imminent announcement at...

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