Hello Games has just released the latest patch for its ongoing space-faring adventure game, No Man's Sky. The now-massive title has been brought up to version 2.24 with this new update, and it's available to download now on PlayStation 4. So, what's new? Only a full audio creation tool.

This new update adds a new device named ByteBeat, and you can use it to add sounds and music to your bases. It seems pretty in-depth, but the above video gives you a good idea of what's possible with this new toy. It seems you can go nuts with it if you're into sequencing and fiddling with waveforms.

You'll also be able to hook up others bits and pieces so that the music affects them. For example, you can make it so that lights flash on and off in time with your music.

This new feature comes alongside a new wave of bug fixes. You can read up on all the new patch notes through here. The patch itself is fairly substantial at about 6.3GB, but if you're into the creative side of the game, it seems worth the download.

Are you excited about the ByteBeat device in No Man's Sky? Make some sweet music in the comments below.

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