Untitled Goose Game PS4

We're in the process of preparing all our Game of the Year content over here at Push Square, but we might have to reconsider it all now. Untitled Goose Game's PlayStation 4 release could be closer than we were thinking, to the point where the game's Trophy list has just popped up on Exophase.

Trophy hunters will be happy to know that the pesky goose experience will ship with a Platinum Trophy, but we're rather taken aback by how quickly the PS4 port could be coming. Developer House House has stated that it plans to bring Untitled Goose Game to Sony's system before it moves onto its next project, but after speaking with ABC News, we assumed it wouldn't arrive until at least early 2020. Are we about to be honking on PS4 before Christmas arrives? Could this is be a shadow drop at The Game Awards next week? We reckon so.

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