Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo Leak PS4 Demo

Last week, the PlayStation Store listing for a supposed Final Fantasy VII Remake demo was discovered. The leak looked legit and with the full game due out in just a few months, the sudden appearance of a demo made total sense. But if, for some reason, that leak wasn't enough to convince you that a demo is definitely coming, this brand new leak should do the trick.

Likely making use of a modded -- or jailbroken -- PlayStation 4, YouTube user Lystrasza has managed to pull the demo's files from PlayStation Store servers and get it to run. Well, kind of. The below video doesn't get into the demo proper, but it does show the start screen and the opening cutscene.

We'd recommend watching it sooner rather than later. It may only be a matter of time until the footage is taken down.

So yeah, this demo is definitely happening. Now we just need Square Enix to make it official and give us a date.

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