If you've never played one of these games, you're missing out. Rock of Ages II: Bigger and Boulder rolled onto PlayStation 4 a couple of years back, and it's a bit of an overlooked gem. Rock of Ages III: Make & Break is the third entry in this unusual series and it's due to arrive next year, so if you're yet to jump in, here's your chance.

Part of the charm of these wacky platformer/tower defence hybrids is their crazy courses, and a big part of the upcoming game is the ability to make your own. As you can see in the above video, you're able to create your very own tracks and levels and will be able to share them online for the community to play. It's a cool idea and a neat way to extend the life of the game once you're done with the story.

Rock of Ages III: Make & Break is out in early 2020. Will you be making your own levels in this boulder-rolling action game? Flatten the enemy in the comments below.

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