Resident Evil 3 PS4

Update: The achievement in question has just gone live on the Xbox One version of Resident Evil 2, and due to the way that system works for the team in green, we can confidently say that some sort of downloadable content isn't too far off. An image is associated with every earnable achievement on the console, which can be then used as a home screen wallpaper, and this trinket is no different.

As you can see just below, the picture earned after unlocking the Chasing Jill achievement is one of the lady herself and Robert Kendo from Resident Evil 2. Something is definitely on its way at The Game Awards, but could this be some sort of playable demo or a scenario which links the two games together? We're looking forward to finding out later tonight.

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Resident Evil 2 Jill DLC

Original story: Remember that Steam achievement which randomly popped up in the PC version of Resident Evil 2? Well, the trinket has finally revealed itself as something to do with Jill Valentine. It hasn't appeared in the PlayStation 4 edition of the game just yet, but it's very likely that at least an update is on its way. An entire piece of DLC? We hope so.

As you can see below, the achievement clearly relates to Jill Valentine from yesterday's newly announced Resident Evil 3. It asks players to complete the following task: "Read a letter left behind by Jill." To our knowledge, there is no such file currently in the game signed by the lady herself, so for this achievement to become claimable, an update will need to add something to the title. Whether this literally is just a file for fans to read as part of a new playthrough or a new playable piece of the game in the form of DLC remains to be seen.


The Game Awards host Geoff Keighley has claimed that Resident Evil 3 won't play a single part in the show tomorrow night, but he didn't rule out its predecessor. If such a reveal is attached to this achievement, expect it to arrive on the Los Angeles stage.

Are you interested in seeing what this new content looks like? Read a file in the comments below.

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