Sony made the rather unexpected announcement of a back button attachment for the PlayStation 4 controller earlier this week, allowing the pad to map two buttons to padels placed underneath where your fingers would usually rest. It's an accessory which has been implemented into the past two versions of Microsoft's Xbox Elite controller, and if viewing stats are anything to go by, PlayStation fans are making it clear that they want the same capabilities on PS4.

At the time of writing, the YouTube announcement trailer for the peripheral is sitting just shy of three million views. That's a rather impressive number for what is a fairly basic accessory, especially so when you compare it to the sort of stats first-party titles can garner. For example, the video has nearly double the number of views Ghost of Tsushima's latest trailer raked in -- achieving that in the space of two days. The same can be said for Godfall, the very first game officially announced for PlayStation 5. Sony has managed to get a huge amount of eyes on the accessory, proving that there may be a market here for it to explore.

PlayStation fans are quite clearly interested in enhancing their playing experience by improving the controller they place in their hands every single day, to the point where they'll take anything they can get right now. An officially produced PS4 Pro controller is something that's in demand right now, although we don't mind waiting if one is to ship with next year's PS5. We've been wondering whether that's something Sony plans to incorporate in its strategy ourselves.

Would you be interested in a PS4 Pro controller? Is it something you'd buy? Enhance your pad in the comments below.