We first heard about Temtem about 18 months ago, so how's it looking these days? For those who don't remember, this game is an MMO in which players capture, trade, and battle a wide range of creatures in a style very reminiscent of Pokémon. Its always-online multiplayer is the key difference, allowing Temtem tamers to interact with each other at any time.

You get a good overview of the game in the above new video. It breaks down what the game's all about, some of its systems, and what makes it unique. It's looking pretty good, but it's not quite done yet -- Temtem will be entering early access on PC from 21st January 2020. We double checked, and yes, the game will be hitting PlayStation 4 (or possibly PS5 at this rate?) in the future, but developer Crema wants to have the game complete and out of early access before console ports happen.

Whenever it makes it to PlayStation, will you be playing Temtem? Combine your powers in the comments below.

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