Godfall PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Not only did Geoff Keighley somehow secure dibs to the Xbox Series X unveiling during his annual The Game Awards shindig last night, but he was also able to reveal the first PlayStation 5 game live on stage. Godfall, which is coming to the PC as well as Sony’s next-gen console, promises a “slasher-looter” experience like no other – but was that the PS5 logo at the end of the video?

The answer, of course, is no. Sony may have confirmed the name of its forthcoming format, but it’s yet to reveal any assets associated with it. If you look at the title’s official website, it’s clear that the secondary font being leveraged by the release is the same one it used at the end of the trailer to announce platforms. In other words, this is all placeholder for now. The wait goes on.

[source News: Godfall Is the First Game Officially Announced for PS5]