Ghost of Tsushima PS4

Ghost of Tsushima is an upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive that is owned in its entirety by Sony. That means it's incredibly unlikely to launch on other platforms outside of PlayStation Now streaming, but it hasn't stopped PC players from taking to Twitter and voicing their dismay. They really want to play Ghost of Tsushima on their Personal Computers, it seems.

This all comes off the back of the recent news that the MLB The Show franchise will now be coming to other consoles, which we assume is because the Japanese giant was faced with the possibility of losing the license altogether. Coupled with the fact that some of PlayStation's most hardcore fans are feeling a little too vulnerable at the moment, and you have the recipe for some classic juvenile arguments across social media website Twitter.

Just searching for "Ghost of Tsushima PC" returns various results of boasting and questions aimed at Sucker Punch and Sony executives questioning when the PC port will arrive, and even polls questioning users which platform they will be purchasing the game on. Some of it may be taken in a joking manner, but there are some mean spirited folk out there. One of whom even went as far as tweeting former Sony Worldwide Studios chairman Shawn Layden a plea to return to his job at PlayStation. Layden even liked the tweet! Cheeky Shawn, very cheeky.

At least we can take pleasure in learning that this is just a very small minority of the PC community. A petition has been running for the past three years now asking for Sucker Punch to bring the game to other platforms, and as we all know, petitions never work anyway. Regardless, said petition has received a grand total of 3030 signatures across three years.

You need not worry everyone, Ghost of Tsushima is going nowhere. What do you make of all this bad language? Share your thoughts in the comments below.