Half-Life: Alyx generated a lot of interest when it was announced a little earlier in the year. It's a brand new, fully-fledged entry in Valve's seminal first person shooter series, but even more interesting is that it's played entirely in virtual reality. In terms of compatibility, the company has confirmed the game will support various VR headsets on PC through its SteamVR platform. However, nothing has been said of the current market leader: PlayStation VR.

Is Half-Life: Alyx coming to PSVR? Not according to the debut trailer, but it's still something worth asking. In fact, we asked Valve this very question shortly after the game's announcement. We've just heard back, and the answer is unsurprisingly vague -- but it isn't a "no".

Designer Greg Coomer reconfirms that the "initial" release of Half-Life: Alyx will be "available for SteamVR only". It definitely sounds like Valve is aware of the desire to see the game come to PSVR, however: "We believe Sony’s VR platform has been a huge success for the medium, and we assume that lots of Sony customers would love to experience this new chapter of Half-Life."

Coomer goes on to confirm that a PlayStation VR port is not in active development "because we’re very focused on the initial release". Having said that, he concludes that Valve has "not ruled anything out".

It's as we suspected -- Valve isn't working on a PSVR version of Half-Life: Alyx, but it's not saying it won't in the future. We suppose it's also worth entertaining the possibility that the game will release on a successor to Sony's headset at some point in the years to come. It's no secret that PSVR is at the lower end of the technical spectrum, so perhaps we'll see Valve's game appear on the next generation gear, assuming it happens.

So, there you have it. The status of Half-Life: Alyx on PlayStation VR is that it could happen, but definitely not at launch. What do you think? Will the game eventually come to Sony's hardware? Strap yourselves into the comments below.