Google Stadia

It looks like streaming could be a part of the future of video games, and with Google showing its hand with the recent Stadia launch, the moment we leave behind downloads could be closer than ever. That is if Google Stadia had been a success upon its release last month. Disappointing sales and alarmingly low player numbers have resulted in companies breathing a sigh of relief, Sony included. The Japanese giant was supposedly "terrified of Google’s entry into the video game space" before it hit the market.

In a report from Kotaku's ever-reliable Jason Schreier, it is stated that the hardware manufacturer was scared of Google's entry into the video game streaming space. "Over the past couple of years, a number of developers have remarked to me that staff at both PlayStation and Xbox would talk frequently and reactively about Google’s plans, emphasizing each company’s own response to streaming as a result. After the tepid launch of Stadia last month, however, the threat of Google appears to have been overstated."

Sony has been doing very nicely as of late with its PlayStation Now streaming service following a major price drop and the commitment to including some of its first-party titles over a limited time, so it's understandable why the company would feel pressure from a competitor as big as Google. However, as the report goes on to state, the battle over who comes out on top in the next generation will once again be decided between Sony or Microsoft. We're sure Google Stadia will continue to make a play for the streaming market with better prices and exclusive deals, but it feels like it can only do so much now after its disappointing launch.

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