The excellent PlayStation VR exclusive Blood & Truth has been very well supported ever since the Cockney action shooter came to PlayStation 4 this summer, but developer London Studio isn't done just yet. The game's fourth free DLC pack is available to download right now, and it comes with a musical twist.

Joining the Time Attack, Skeet Shoot, and Trick Shots packs is a set of four free rhythm challenges. You'll need to blast targets with bullets in time with the music and compete for high scores across online leaderboards. There appear to be multipliers for consecutive hits and different locations to take the tasks to as well. Once you're done with them, however, you'll be able to head back to the dancefloor with your very own set of DJ decks to mix songs on. Featured in the trailer above, it looks like a fun, humorous way to take the edge off a hard-working day.

Will you check out these new additions to Blood & Truth? Show off your best Cockney accent in the comments below.