Wattam PS4

Hot off the heels of its weirdly wonderful Trophy description reveal, Wattam has announced its release date on PlayStation 4. It's going to be a rather odd undertaking in the lead up to the visit of Santa Claus as the title launches on Tuesday 17th December.

Announced as part of possibly the most bizarre interview to grace the PlayStation Blog, lead developer Keita Takahashi reveals that he doesn't even own a PS4 and that watching other people play his game makes him feel uncomfortable. Humorously, the Katamari Damacy creator is asked what he'll he be doing on launch day. "I’m gonna go to the local Gamestop to see if they have Wattam physical copies." Incredible, just incredible.

Of course, Death Stranding is mentioned thanks to the two titles sharing a similar theme, but the interview really is worth checking out for yourself. Are you looking forward to checking out Wattam? Get weird in the comments below.

[source blog.eu.playstation.com]