Green Day The Game Awards

American Idiot! Basket Case! Boulevard of Broken Dreams! You see, we're definitely down with the kids when it comes to Green Day. Although, we might be able to add a few more songs to our repertoire when The Game Awards roll around next month because it has just been announced that the US rock band will be performing at the show.

Revealed by Geoff Keighley on Twitter, the group will get on stage for a "videogame-inspired performance and announcement." Whether that'll be an entirely new game or not remains to be seen, a new Rock Band or Guitar Hero entry perhaps? We'll have two wait a few weeks before we find out, however, with The Game Awards taking place on 12th December.

Oh, wait! Looking through Green Day's track listings, we even recognise Jesus of Suburbia. Now that has to be one to impress the die-hards, right? Although, it'll be a Boulevard of Broken Dreams when Elden Ring doesn't actually turn up at the show, right?...Right? Sorry, we'll see ourselves out.