Sonic Mania Adventures
Image: SEGA

Remember the excellent animations that bookended Sonic Mania? How about that series of shorts called Sonic Mania Adventures? The person who spearheaded these wonderful cartoons is animator Tyson Hesse, and it's clear he knows the hedgehog well. So impressive is his work on the blue blur, in fact, that Paramount Pictures sought his help when fan backlash forced the studio to rethink the character's design in the upcoming movie.

Hesse tweeted out following the debut of the latest trailer, which shows off the vastly improved look of the titular hedgehog. It turns out that he was brought onto the team to lead the charge on redesigning the version of Sonic that will appear in the February flick.

That's a pretty impressive position, and we daresay he was the right person for the job. The end result speaks for itself. Excellent job, Hesse!

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