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There’ll be a full-length side-quest available as part of Shenmue III’s previously announced Season Pass, known officially as the euphemistic Complete DLC Collection. Available to purchase now from the UK PlayStation Store for £11.99, the post-release pledge promises three add-on packs, one of which appears to be story-related.

According to Trophy information, this sub-plot will see the return of Shenmue II’s hapless Zhang, and will once again see you performing Chawan Sign in order to communicate. Keep a close eye out for teacups, we guess. The other two packs appear to be casino and combat related, and should extend your enjoyment of the long-awaited sequel beyond the Kickstarter-padded credits.

You can find out more about our thoughts on Shenmue III so far through here, but do also let us know whether you’ll be grabbing the Season Pass in the comments section below.

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