MediEvil Where to Find Complete Lost Souls Guide PS4 PlayStation 4

What are the Lost Souls in MediEvil on PS4? Where are they, and what do you have to do? Towards the end of MediEvil, you'll come across a large chest containing various Lost Souls. These doomed ghouls have some unfinished business before they can finally go on to the afterlife, and it's up to you and Sir Dan to find and help them all. In this guide, we're going to tell you where these poor Lost Souls are and how to help them find closure.

What do you get for finding and helping all the Lost Souls in MediEvil on PS4?

You will unlock two silver PS4 trophies -- one for finding all the Lost Souls, and another for completing them. They're called Lost and Found and Soul Saviour. However, that's not all; you'll also get a special new option on the main menu. If you want to find out what that reward is, highlight the following spoiler text:

Once you've found and completed all the Lost Souls, you'll have access to 'Old Game' -- a port of the original PSone version of MediEvil!

MediEvil PS4 - All Lost Souls locations and how to complete their tasks

To kick off the Lost Souls quest, you'll first need to play the level The Entrance Hall. In the room with the Chalice and the waterfall, you'll notice a large chest and a book describing it. Opening this chest frees the Lost Souls. Now, most of the levels in the game will contain a hidden Lost Soul for you to find. They look like coloured, floating masks, and are usually fairly easy to locate. Here's where to find each one, and what you'll need to do to help them out. It's worth pointing out you can complete any of the below in whatever order you like.

NOTE: You must go on to complete the main level after collecting and/or helping the Lost Souls in order to have it register. You cannot complete the Lost Soul task and then quit to map; doing so will erase the progress you make.

Fisherman Formes

Lost Soul location: The Entrance Hall. This red Lost Soul will appear in the room after you open the aforementioned chest. You can't miss it.

Lost Soul task: Go to The Sleeping Village. Head to the right to go through to the area with the pond. Stand on the little boardwalk, open your inventory, and select Fisherman Formes. The challenge involves killing a whole bunch of fish and other enemies. Upon completion, the Lost Soul will disappear.

Grave Keeper Kambic

Lost Soul location: The Sleeping Village. This white Lost Soul can be found near the large house with the safe inside. Explore around the smaller structures nearby and you should see it.

Lost Soul task: Go to The Graveyard and return to the angel statue. Open your inventory and select Grave Keeper Kambic. Hit the statue twice to make it face the other way, and Bob's your uncle.

Brute Bruty

Lost Soul location: The Graveyard. When you start the level, do a U-turn around the fence on the right-hand side to find this pink Lost Soul.

Lost Soul task: Go to Scarecrow Fields. There are two windmills in this level -- you want to head to the second one with the broken blade. Activate Brute Bruty here and he'll challenge you to a more challenging gauntlet. Simply make it to the end of the level.

Chen the Enchantress

Lost Soul location: Scarecrow Fields. After pushing the first cart in the level to open up the path, carry on and you'll see a fire surrounded by walls. Go through the narrow gap to the left of this to find this blue Lost Soul.

Lost Soul task: Go to Cemetery Hill. To the right of the level is the entrance to the underground witch's lair. Go inside and find the bookcase in the upper right. Smash it with a club or the hammer and then activate Chen the Enchantress inside. You'll be shrunk down and must kill a bunch of ants.

Ye Olde Olivara

Lost Soul location: Cemetery Hill. This orange Lost Soul is found opposite the Merchant Gargoyle on the left-hand side of the level.

Lost Soul task: Go to Return to the Graveyard. Go through the big skull door and above the house embedded in the hill. Open your inventory and choose Ye Olde Olivara. A bunch of severed hands will spawn; smash them all with a club or the hammer.

Surgeon Sherman

Lost Soul location: Return to the Graveyard. A purple Lost Soul that can be found atop the small hill near the beginning of the stage.

Lost Soul task: Go to Inside the Asylum. Go through each level of the stage until you come to the circular one. In front of the doors to the next floor, summon Surgeon Sherman. He simply wants you to finish the level alongside an ethereal serpent.

Sir Schmidt the Hermit

Lost Soul location: Inside the Asylum. Right at the end of the level, this green Lost Soul can be found alongside the Mayor in the cell.

Lost Soul task: Go to Pumpkin Gorge. Proceed most of the way through the level until you get to the top of the tall tower with the Star Rune at the top. Activate Sir Schmidt the Hermit here. He wants you to vanquish a handful of shadow demons -- easy peasy.

Peter Peter, Pumpkin Weeder

Lost Soul location: Pumpkin Gorge. Proceed through the main path of the level until you come to an area with a house. A pumpkin will be bouncing down a ramp. Go up the ramp and through the doorway to find this turquoise Lost Soul.

Lost Soul task: Go to The Pumpkin Serpent. Defeat the boss. Next to it, activate Peter Peter, Pumkpin Weeder and he'll ask you to cut down 10 enemy plants.

Treviranus the Troubadour

Lost Soul location: The Pumpkin Serpent. Follow the initial path, then turn left and through the vines. Next to the cauldron is this golden Lost Soul.

Lost Soul task: Go to The Hilltop Mausoleum. Play through until you get to the room with the ghostly organ player. Summon Treviranus the Troubadour, and he'll task you with finding 40 sheets of music strewn throughout the stage. Not too hard, but you'll need to go back to the beginning and search high and low.

Baffy the Baffler

Lost Soul location: The Hilltop Mausoleum. Simply wander up through the main hall and this blue Lost Soul will be at the top on the right.

Lost Soul task: Go to The Asylum Grounds. When you start the level, dead ahead is the dragon bush enemy. In this area, activate Baffy the Baffler. You'll need to slay some Rhinotaurs in the hedge maze. Kill them as you solve Jack of the Green's riddles.

Gavin the Golden

Lost Soul location: The Asylum Grounds. This purple Lost Soul is in the garden with the elephant bush, tucked away in the right-hand corner as you come in.

Lost Soul task: Go to The Crystal Caves. Make your way through the caverns until you come to the room with the big yellow crystal firing lasers. Activate Gavin the Golden here and he'll ask you to retrieve his gold. Watch out for the lasers and gather up the treasure.

Knight McKnight

Lost Soul location: The Crystal Caves. In the area with the two Imps trapped in crystal either side of an exploding chest, veer up the risen part on the left to find this green Lost Soul.

Lost Soul task: Go to Pools of the Ancient Dead. Ignore the dude in the boat on the left and carry on up the main path. Summon Knight McKnight on the platform with the Merchant Gargoyle. All he wants you to do is get through to the fort on the other side of the swamp. You're heading that way, anyway.

Hopper the Legless

Lost Soul location: Pools of the Ancient Dead. This purple Lost Soul stands out pretty clearly in the murky green swamp.

Lost Soul task: Go to The Gallows Gauntlet. In front of the fire barrier, summon Hopper the Legless. He will challenge you to a race through the level -- don't worry, it's easy, so long as you've already cleared out the enemies.

Nautical Nachbaur

Lost Soul location: The Gallows Gauntlet. Go through the archway and you'll see this green Lost Soul to the right of the fiery barrier.

Lost Soul task: Go to The Lake. After freezing the whirlpool, jump down and summon Nautical Nachbaur where you land. A rat will appear, complete with a boss health bar. Fear not: one smash with your hammer will vanquish it.

Son Jr., Son of Son Sr.

Lost Soul location: The Lake. Follow the path up from the whirlpool and make your way through this area. You'll come across a walled off area with a bunch of Watchers inside. The blue Lost Soul is waiting in the corner.

Lost Soul task: Go to The Enchanted Earth. You'll need to go back through the process of unleashing the shadow demons. Once you return to the main part of the level, return to the start where the Merchant Gargoyle is now uncovered. Activate Son Jr., Son of Son Sr. here and some vines will appear in front of the gargoyle -- slice 'em up.

Daring D. Castro

Lost Soul location: The Enchanted Earth. After defeating the Demonettes boss fight, you'll emerge at the top. This green Lost Soul is in plain view before the exit.

Lost Soul task: Go to The Haunted Ruins. In the courtyard with the knights and the Chaos Rune gate, there's a metal gate tucked away on the left-hand side. Choose Daring D. Castro here, and the gate will open, releasing a glowing red dragon. Fight it off and you'll complete the quest.

Barrelman Badillo

Lost Soul location: The Haunted Ruins. Just through the Chaos Rune door and to the left is this pink Lost Soul, guarded by a shadow demon.

Lost Soul task: Go to The Ghost Ship. Towards the end of the stage, head up to where the Chalice is, only go right out of the lift instead of left. On this bridge, activate Barrelman Badillo. All that will happen is a giant crow's feet will come and attack you; just be ready with your shield.

Captain Coffman

Lost Soul location: The Ghost Ship. Near the end of the level, fall down onto the deck below the spinning platforms and go inside. You'll see this red Lost Soul at the back of the room.

Lost Soul task: Go to The Time Device. As you're stood on the big clock, summon Captain Coffman. He'll tell you to set the big hand to the number of force fields, and the little hand to the number of brains. The "time" you want on the clock is 4:10. To put it another way -- if both hands are pointing straight up (at what would normally be 12), press the silver button twice, and the gold button four times.

Sir Sloane

Lost Soul location: The Time Device.

Lost Soul task: Go to The Entrance Hall. Down the small spiral staircase, you'll enter a chamber with a large metal plate in the floor. Summon Sir Sloane here, and he'll task you with killing a bunch of Dragon Toads.