MediEvil PS4 PlayStation 4 How to Beat All Boss Fights Guide

How do you beat all the bosses in MediEvil on PS4? There are a number of boss fights in MediEvil, and if you're new to the game, it's possible one of them may be causing you some trouble. With the right weapons, Sir Dan can usually defeat all the bosses fairly easily, but what's the best way to kill all the bosses? In this guide, we'll tell you how to beat every boss in MediEvil.

MediEvil PS4 - How to defeat every boss

Below is a list of every boss fight in MediEvil, and how to beat them. We're going to include the use of weapons earned by collecting Chalices.

Stained Glass Demon

Level: The Hilltop Mausoleum

This is the first boss in the game, and it's not as intimidating as it looks. There are a couple of important things to know about the Stained Glass Demon: firstly, you can only hurt it when it presents its heart. Secondly, you can only damage the boss with ranged weapons. This early in the game, Sir Dan will only have a couple of options here -- throwing knives or the crossbow. The latter is your best bet.

Anyway, this boss will do a lot of jumping around, and only has a few, easily dodged attacks up its sleeve. Simply avoid its attacks and wait for it to jump to the middle of the arena. It'll go up in the air and will reveal its heart. This is when you should attack it as much as possible, but be wary of more offences while this is happening. Before long, the Stained Glass Demon will be shattered.

Guardians of the Graveyard

Level: Return to the Graveyard

At the end of this level, you'll be trapped in a circular arena with two wolves. You can't damage them as they circle around you, so you'll need to wait until they dash into the middle. Either defend with your shield or dodge out of the way, and then attack with your sword or hammer before they disappear back to the edge. Simply repeat the process until the wolves are down.

Pumpkin King

Level: The Pumpkin Serpent

One of the easier bosses is the Pumpkin King. Initiate the fight by destroying the eight pod things dotted around the level. He surrounds himself with a few vines; you can take these out with melee or ranged weapons. Once all the vines are gone, you can go in and wail on him. However, the fight's not over. Once his health bar depletes, he'll reactivate some of the pods and begin to heal up. Destroy the pods, then repeat the process of destroying the vines and whittling down his health. Do all this for a third time, and this boss is cooked.

Ant Queen

Level: The Ant Caves

The Ant Queen guards the exit to this unusual level. Kill the small ants that appear, then you'll notice she exposes her belly. This is your opportunity to strike. Use the strongest weapon you have during this moment -- either melee weapons like the Hammer or ranged weapons like the crossbow or longbow. Keep killing the soldier ants and dodging attacks from the Queen, and repeat your attacks when she reaches up.


Level: The Enchanted Earth

The Demonettes boss fight at the end of this level isn't too challenging assuming you have some powerful ranged attacks. The best method we found is to spam your best ranged weapon (spears or flaming arrows, for instance). The small platform Sir Dan is standing on will occasionally tilt to one side, so be wary of this and stay in the middle. There's not really much more to this fight -- just keep the offensive up and these guys will go down pretty fast.

The Dragon

Level: The Crystal Caves

You can fight the Dragon by collecting the two Dragon Gems from previous stages. Insert them into the dragon head and you'll start an interesting battle. The Dragon will pop his head out of several holes in the walls. When he does, he'll breathe fire at you, of course. What you need to do is pay attention to the crystals on the ceiling and the floor. With a club or the hammer, if you smash the crystals on the ground, a crystal of the corresponding colour will drop from the ceiling. You need to hit the right crystals in order to drop a crystal of the same colour down onto the Dragon's head. It's a bit tricky, but isn't too difficult. Simply repeat until his health bar is empty.

Stone Golems

Level: The Haunted Ruins

Not really a boss fight, but a pretty tricky encounter nonetheless. These two Stone Golems will come to life once you pull the lever unleashing the lava. Unfortunately, the lever also kicks off a short timer, meaning you're fighting these things against the clock. Your best bet is to wield a heavy weapon like the hammer. What you need to do is knock both of them off the edge. During their spin attacks they can't be moved, but hitting them at any other point will send them backwards a little. Using the hammer's charged attack will send them flying pretty far. Keep doing it until they've both fallen over the side.

Ghost Ship Captain

Level: The Ghost Ship

The captain of the flying pirate ship will stand behind a barricade, and you can't harm him with your usual weapons. What you have to do is aim the cannon at one of three possible spots using the switches on the floor to turn it left and right. Once you're aiming at the Captain, light the fuse of the cannon with either a fired-up club or your newly acquired Dragon Armour. Keep repeating this process to kill the Captain, but be aware that skeletons will spawn in to cause some havoc.


Level: Zarok's Lair

There are three stages to the final boss battle, so let's go through each of them.


The Fazguls are the first part of this lengthy fight. Using a special weapon called the Chalice of Souls, Sir Dan will rally some allied troops to fight against the Fazguls. You can't harm the Fazguls yourself, but you can heal your buddies using the Chalice. This will drain some of Sir Dan's own health, but for every surviving ally, you'll get an Energy Vial at the end, so worry not. Simply keep the troops alive until the battle is won.

Lord Kardok

Lord Kardok rides around on his flaming horse, shooting at Sir Dan as he goes. However, every now and then, the horse will rear up -- this is when you can deal some major damage. As he moves so quickly, it can be hard to keep up, but once you get a feel for his patterns, it won't be long before he's down.


Finally, you'll take on Zarok himself -- only he transforms into some weird reptilian creature. Great! Zarok is invulnerable while he's attacking you, so during these phases, simply run away from or jump over any attacks. Don't forget your shield! Once he's done attacking, he'll back up and stop flashing, meaning he's ready to take some damage. Hit him with your best weapon -- hopefully you'll have the Magic Sword at this point, which will be your best friend in this fight. It's a simple matter of repeating the process until Zarok is defeated.