The Outer Worlds Review PS4

Reviews for The Outer Worlds will starting hitting the web next week, on the 22nd October.The latest role-playing game from veteran studio Obsidian is supposed to be a lot like Fallout: New Vegas, only set in space. Sounds like a fantastic concept on paper, and the developer should have the chops to pull it off, but you'll obviously have to wait until next Tuesday to read our verdict.

The Outer Worlds hasn't been without its controversies. For starters, it's an Epic Games Store exclusive at launch on PC -- a reveal which, as you can imagine, resulted in quite the backlash from Steam users. Much more recently, reports said that the game would not be enhanced at all on PS4 Pro, supposedly due to the deal Obsidian has in place with Xbox. For those out of the loop, the studio was snapped up by Microsoft earlier this year.

Fortunately, the aforementioned reports turned out to be inaccurate. Obsidian clarified that The Outer Worlds will boast a higher resolution on Sony's supercharged machine, although it won't hit 4K.

Still, we think it's difficult not to be excited for The Outer Worlds, especially if you're a fan of role-playing. Hopefully the game lives up to expectations when it launches a few days after the review embargo, on the 25th October.

Will you be picking it up? Maybe you're planning on waiting for the reviews? Explore the final frontier in the comments section below.