The Outer Worlds PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Update: Despite previous reports, The Outer Worlds is enhanced on PS4 Pro after all. According to a Twitter message from publisher Private Division, the title upscales to 4K from 1440p on Sony's supercharged system. Here's what the organisation had to say:

Original Story: The Outer Worlds will still release on the PlayStation 4, despite Microsoft’s acquisition of developer Obsidian – but it’ll apparently do so without any bells and whistles. A report on Windows Central – supposedly citing a spokesperson from publisher Private Division – reveals that while the title will run at 4K on the Xbox One X, there’ll be zero enhancements for PS4 Pro owners to look forward to.

This is, as far as we understand it, unprecedented. While there are usually differences between the performance of Sony and Microsoft’s supercharged systems, both devices typically get attention. It’s possible that Xbox’s ownership of the Irvine-based developer has affected things; the release will also be “free” with Game Pass, while PlayStation owners will have to purchase it at full-price.

Perhaps, prior to the buyout, the studio didn’t plan to support either of the mid-gen machines, but since being acquired it opted to put in the extra effort for the Xbox One X specifically. If that’s the case, we suppose it’s possible that support for the PS4 Pro may be patched in down the line. Whatever the reason, we have review code now, so we’ll investigate and share any additional information we can.

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